Let your peeps know where you're hanging out and where the hippest spots in town are with foursquare SMS! You can also own your spot by collecting points and badges.

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Content Foursquare

Type ON FQ and send to 20500

How to use

To subscribe:  Type ON FQ and send to 20500

If you're not on foursquare, register at Then login to your foursquare account by typing LOGIN<space>Username<space>Password and send to 20500

Start checkin' in away by sending the correct keywords below to 20500

Keyword Description
ON<space>FQ To subscribe foursquare SMS
LOGIN<space>USERNAME<space>PASSWORD To login to foursquare SMS
N or N<space>STREET NAME/JALAN To find nearby location
C<space>NUMBER To check-in location
HIST To view your check-in history
PND To view your friend request pending list
APP<space>REQUEST ID To approve your friend request
DENY<space>REQUEST ID To deny your friend request
HELP To get keyword menu & assistance
STOP<space>FQ To unsubscribe foursquare SMS


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