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Goods and Services Tax (GST)


What is Celcom's plan for the implementation of GST on 1 April 2015?

Celcom has registered for GST with the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) and has successfully implemented GST requirements internally. In accordance to the GST Law, Celcom will charge 6% GST on the applicable goods and services from 1 April 2015.


How will it impact us as Celcom customers?

GST is a consumption tax based on the value-added concept, which would be imposed on goods and services at every production and distribution stage in the supply chain. Similar to most other services, our telecommunication services will be subject to GST at 6% standard rate, except for international roaming services and other zero rated services. Beginning 1 April 2015, the GST will replace service tax currently being imposed on applicable Celcom services.


Which services will be charged 6% GST?

Generally, all telecommunications products and services are subject to 6% GST, except for international roaming and other zero rated services and devices sold in DA (Tioman, Labuan & Langkawi - out of scope).


Will I be charged GST when I purchase VAS & Content?

"For prepaid users, you will not be charged GST for the VAS/ Content that you purchased, as GST has been paid upon reload.

For postpaid users, you will be charged 6% GST for the price of VAS/ Content purchased, and you will be able to see the total GST paid for the month in your monthly statement.

For direct payment (e.g. via credit card) 6% GST will be displayed upon payment."


How will the GST implementation affect customers' current packages? Please elaborate on its impact on all Celcom's offerings.

All of our products and services offerings will be subject to 6% GST, except for international roaming and other zero rated services. You may refer to our product websites via to find out about the details of our products and services.


Do Celcom customers need to pay more for their services following the GST implementation?

Generally, prices of our existing products and services remain unchanged and applicable 6% GST will be charged on the total amount. The GST collected from customers will be remitted to the Customs department. Refer to our product websites via for a detailed price breakdown of our products and services.


Are all telcos in Malaysia required to adopt GST as well?

Yes, all telcos are required to adopt GST.


How is GST charged for postpaid and prepaid services?

For postpaid customers, GST is charged in the monthly bill on total standard rated services. For prepaid customers, GST is charged upon reload of the credit, no GST will be charged when the customer subsequently utilise the credit.
For example: For phone call charge of RM1.00, 6% GST for postpaid and prepaid customers are calculated as follows:

Call Charges 1.00
GST @ 6% 0.06
Total charges including GST 1.06
GST @ 6% - upon reload 0.06
Call Charges 1.06
Total charges including GST 1.06

I am a prepaid/ postpaid user and I am making calls/ SMS to/ within/ between Designated Areas (Langkawi, Tioman & Labuan), will I be charged GST?

Yes, in the telecommunications industry, all services provided by telcos will be charged 6% GST, except for international roaming usages. For prepaid customers, GST will be charged upon reload, whereas, for postpaid customers, GST will be charged in the monthly bill.


Will Celcom charge GST to customers who make overseas calls/SMS from Malaysia?

Yes, 6% GST will be applicable to all International Direct Dial (IDD) transactions (Voice/Video/SMS/MMS) from Malaysia.


Will I be charged GST on international roaming service?

No, international roaming is zero rated services.


Will GST apply for usage while roaming?

No, customers will be on Celcom's roaming services and no GST is applicable for roaming charges, including data roaming.


Can customers choose to terminate their contracts with Celcom, given the new GST terms? What are the implications? Any penalties for termination due to GST?

If customers decide to terminate their current contracts, the usual termination conditions will still be applicable.


Companies may take advantage of the GST implementation to increase prices of goods and services to make more profits. There may be a misconception that the telecommunications industry will benefit the most from the GST implementation, ie gain profit from the GST implementation. What is Celcom's comment on this?

"As GST will be charged on a larger pool of goods and services compared to the current sales and service tax (SST) regime, businesses may take some time to adjust to the new GST tax regime. Whereas for the consumers, their spending behaviour may change due to the sudden impact on prices, but their spending pattern will adjust over time. Celcom is a customer-centric company and we always strive to deliver the best experience possible to our customers. "


GST means more paperwork for businesses. This will lead to an increase in cost and most likely be pushed to customers. Will GST increase Celcom's cost of doing business? Will it burden Celcom customers?

As the paperwork and processes involved in accounting for GST are almost similar to that of the current Sales and Service Tax (SST) regime, we do not foresee substantial impact to the cost of doing business. Furthermore, we do not expect that Celcom customers will be adversely affected.


With the new bill with GST tax charged, how can I claim input tax?

GST registered businesses/persons are able to claim input tax credit with a valid tax invoice, to be set-off against output tax payable.


Currently we charge customers RM0.50 for calls to Careline. Do we charge 6% GST on the RM0.50?

Yes, for prepaid customers, no further GST will be deducted as 6% GST has been deducted upon reload.


Upon registration for Tax Relief by eligible customers, is the relief status applied for a lifetime? How does the Tax Relief apply to Celcom?

The tax relief status is applicable to the person listed in 1st and 2nd Schedule of GST Relief Order 2014. Tax relief certificate issued to the person is valid until revoked. Celcom will not charge GST to relief person.


How does GST work on Celcom's services; eg: prepaid, postpaid, data?

For further details, you may refer to our product websites via


Where can Celcom customers obtain information on GST implementation?

You may visit the Customs' website at for further information.

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