Connect with friends on Yahoo!, MSN Messenger and ICQ while you're on the go. Share your thrills and spills across 7 chat rooms. Rediscover old friends and even make new ones. Let your mobile be your gateway to the world.

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Content Universal

Type GO and send to 29400


Chat among Universal users where you can chat, find friend, & search chatrooms. Or you can login to MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk & Facebook all via Universal.

How to use

To find friend,
Type S and send to 29400

To search chatrooms,
Type CC-and send to 29400

To update your profile,
Type U and send to 29400

To view friend list,
Type F and send to 29400

To login to MSN,
Type M and send to 29400

To login to Yahoo Messenger,
Type Y and send to 29400

To login to Google Talk,
Type GT and send to 29400

To login to Facebook,
Type FB and send to 29400

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